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Tonganoxie Community Historical Society publishes a quarterly newsletter to update members of on-going business of the historical society and any upcoming events. There is always a feature on local history.

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Newsletter March 2018

  • Excerpt from 4th QUARTER NEWSLETTER June 2018


    A few years ago I wrote a news article about veterans of World War I who lived in Tonganoxie either before WW I or after WW I. In addition to the names I was able to find some information about the military activities most of the veterans accomplished in WW I. The reason: Walt Neibarger, the owner/editor of the Tonganoxie Mirror, had published two articles in his newspaper that named all the veterans from Tonganoxie who were involved in WW I (ca. 250 veterans). To my knowledge there has never been any such publication in the local newspaper about the Veterans from Tonganoxie who served in WW II. So any information about WW II veterans comes to us from different sources. Although we have names of many of those veterans, we don't always have good information about what unit they served or what they did. Doing the same type of news article for WW II veterans is next to impossible.

    The Tonganoxie Historical Society has a large group of names of people who were in WW II. We do not have any information about many of them. If after reading this article you know something about a WW II veteran, PLEASE LET US HAVE THAT INFORMATION. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A GLORIOUS AMOUNT OF KNOWLEDGE, IT CAN BE ONE ITEM AND WE WILL BE HAPPY.

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