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Tonganoxie Community Historical Society publishes a quarterly newsletter to update members of on-going business of the historical society and any upcoming events. There is always a feature on local history.

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NewsletterJune 2019

  • Excerpt from 2nd QUARTER NEWSLETTER June 2019


    Recently I began to use my Facebook Account. I really don't fully understand how it works. I was able to place on my Facebook account several youtube movies that were all part of the documentary, The Traditional Tales of Tonganoxie. One of those movie clips was about the collapse of the Lower Pool Hall in July of 1957. This movie clip generated quite number of responses. Below are four of those responses.

    from: Jeanne Doege Mills Yes, I do remember the day the buildings in Tonganoxie, Kansas, fell in 1957. I was about fourteen years old and had a babysitting job about a block from the Ratliff Drug Store …

    from: Pattie Druley West Hi Perry Lee, this is my recollection of the buildings collapsing. I was at the pool when my friends and I heard the commotion and sirens …

    from: Jeannie Henson Thanks for sharing. I remember this well. My mother was working for Opal at that time but was not at work when it fell in.

    from Cleta Henak The 1957 cave in at Al Hicks pool hall really scared me. I came out of J.C. Laming's Ford Dealership and across the street I saw either an explosion or a cave-in …

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