October 22, 2020

COVID-19 has made quite an impact on the Historical Society and Museum. We miss our visitors and our programs, but caution is in order. There is much activity behind the scenes, as our volunteers begin a new collaboration with the library on an educational program for grade school students. We have received a new exhibit on Creighton Siegert in the museum, complements of Jon and Glenda Nelson.

Maintaining social distance and safety for our volunteers and visitors is paramount. The Museum is open to visitors by appointment only until further notice. Volunteers and visitors will be required to wear masks and observe social distancing. Call or email to make an appointment, or stop by some Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

As always, we love to hear from you and are available by phone (913-845-2960) and email (TCHSTonganoxie@gmail.com).

The TCHS Board of Directors

Tonganoxie Historical DVDs and Books

Historic DVDs


Traditional Tales of Tonganoxie

This 4-DVD set includes 30 chapters of Tonganoxie history told with photographs, maps, narration, and interviews, "Ken Burns" style.


"Ghost Towns
Around Tonganoxie"

Traditional Tales of Tonganoxie

Twenty-five towns are highlighted on this DVD. This DVD was developed as a companion to the first Ghost Town Bus Tour in May of 2018.


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Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Gift Shop

DVDs are available for sale by the Tonganoxie Community Historical Society, including "Traditional Tales Of Tonganoxie" and "Ghost Towns Around Tonganoxie".


Historic Books

"Jayhawk: Love, Loss, Liberation, and
Terror over the Pacific"

Jayhawk: Love, Loss, Liberation, and Terror over the Pacific by Jay Stout

The book is a well-written military history by Jay Stout, describing George Cooper’s experiences as a pilot during World War II. But the story is also a human one – of George’s family, his childhood in the Philippines, and his coming of age in difficult times.