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Tonganoxie Community Historical Society publishes a quarterly newsletter to update members of on-going business of the historical society and any upcoming events. There is always a feature on local history.

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Newsletter December 2019

  • Excerpt from 4th QUARTER NEWSLETTER, Dec 2019


    Reno was founded in 1861. It originally belonged to the Delaware Indians. The United States bought the Delaware land and eventually "sold" it to the Leavenworth Pawnee and Western RR. (This Railroad had several name changes but in 1880 it was consolidated with the Union Pacific Railroad.) In 1868 the land that was to become Reno, Kansas was sold to the Giles Filing family.

    Most of the very early settlers came from Europe including Scotland, Germany, England, Norway, Ireland, Prussia, Switzerland, and Nova Scotia. Germany and Ireland with England a close third, provided most of the immigrants in Reno. The variation in these foreign backgrounds-language and culture-had a unique effect upon Reno, especially the Methodist Church.

    At one time Reno had a black smith, a railroad station, an express station, two grocery stores, a creamery, a stockyard, a lumber yard, and a post office. In 1900 Tony Hess came to Reno. He operated a general store which included bus stops for the Greyhound and Santa Fe buses. I was in this store once as a kid. It had wood floors that were dark and the room was poorly lit. He seemed tall to me. Francis Korb said that he operated a dance hall. This was a rough place known as the White House. It was closed by the law several times. ..…

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