About Tonganoxie Community Historical Society

Our Mission

TCHS is a private non-profit organization, founded in 1981, with the purpose of preserving history, especially the history of Tonganoxie and surrounding area.

The Society has a specific mission to collect, identify, record, preserve, and display materials which will help to establish and illustrate the history of the greater Tonganoxie community.

We are funded through dues, donations, fund-raisers and grants. Your membership and your contributions are important.

The Society & the Site

Museum &

The Museum site consists of Fairchild-Knox Barns, the Honey Valley School, and the Reno Methodist Church.

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The artifacts on display in the museum are but a fraction of the artifacts and historical information that is housed at the historical site.

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TCHS established a video interview library project to preserve and share local history; to increase community awareness of the Tonganoxie area history.

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Historic DVDs

DVDs are available for sale by the Tonganoxie Community Historical Society, including "Traditional Tales Of Tonganoxie" and "Ghost Towns Around Tonganoxie".

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Tonganoxie Community Historical Society publishes a quarterly newsletter to update members of on-going business of the historical society and any upcoming events.

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"Remember When"

TCHS has taken on the task of publishing "Remember When" providing weekly old Tonganoxie history as published in the Tonganoxie Mirror.

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